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[Stella Loves] 6 cool online interiors stores (that ship to Dubai!)

Last week's post with my newbie's guide to interior shopping in Dubai may have sounded a little bleak to those who are not keen on (physically) hitting the shops when it comes to redecorating their pad. Indeed I gave the lowdown on the topic of online shopping or its quasi non-existence. Well, you'll be happy to hear that it's not all doom and gloom my dear e-shoppers as there are a few wonderful independent online stores that are popping up on the Middle Eastern Tinternet and some are so fabulous and budget friendly, you might never have to see a mall again. 

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[Stella Loves] Tribe Dubai's new showroom

Looking for quality yet affordable design in Dubai, is a bit like looking for tasty chocolate that doesn't make you fat... (forgive the bad food analogy but I have been the victim of the 'Dubai stone' curse and currently experiencing serious cravings). So when you find a store that has beautiful and unique pieces, carefully selected from independent designers from around the world, made from sustainable materials, and the price tags don't make you shiver uncontrollably with anxiety, it really feels like the interiors gods have heard your prayers... So if you're not familiar with this little drop of homeware heaven yet, let me introduce you to Tribe Dubai.

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[Stella Loves] New bedding collab between 2LG and Secret Linen Store

Introducing the new fabulous bedding collection designed by 2LG in collaboration with Secret Linen Store. And it's a goodie. Why? Because it looks totally stunning, is great quality (yes, I actually made my bed and lay in it. At. The. Launch. Party. And everybody else joined me by the way. That's how we roll, us crazy interiors bloggers, click for the full story and scroll down to the end if you don't believe me), and... this is the important bit, my dear friends, is MEGA AFFORDABLE. I am talking a full king sized bed linen set including pillow cases for under £100. So, let's have a look at these little puppies in detail. 

Warning: this post contains an awesome discount offer exclusive to Stella + the Stars readers. Click on 'Read More' for full details.

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[Stella Loves] Where to get THAT Prada Marfa wall art

You may have spotted my Prada Marfa artwork on this blog and, more times that I'd like to admit, on my Instagram feed. I bought it a few years ago and get asked on a daily basis where I got it from so I am officially giving this item the 'deserves its own blog post' status. Just because, well I am the blog boss here, so I get to make all the decisions. Here is the story behind THAT sign and where to get yours.

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[Stella Loves] Personalised baby accessories from My 1st Years

When the lovely people from My 1st Years got in touch to ask me to review one of my favourite pieces from their collection, I spotted their toddler white wooden desk and chair set straight away (for once I tried to think practical, which is a very alien concept to me...) It's a lovely little set entirely made of wood, is super easy to assemble (it comes flat packed and takes literally 3 minutes of allen key magic to put together), has an integrated red plastic pots to store crayons (very handy) and can be personalised for free with your little one's name (on the back of the chair). And you know I do love a bit of customised vibe in the house...

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