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Hi, my name is Emilie, and I am a shopping and interiors addict... I set up Stella + the Stars in April 2015 after retraining as an interior stylist. So why not Emilie + the Stars, you may wonder? My daughter, called Stella, is the main inspiration behind this blog. Without her arrival into my life fours years ago, I probably wouldn't have quit my comfortable job in the world of corporate media and launched Stella + the Stars. So there you go, next time you read one of my posts or get inspired to buy something cool for your home, just mentally give Stella a virtual high-five.

After over 12 years in London, we packed all our stuff and relocated to the Middle East in 2016 and are now calling Dubai our home. I hope you'll find my musings, thoughts, tips and ideas interesting and hopefully useful.

You can also visit the contact page if you need a little extra help revamping your home or growing your home décor brand…


Stella + the Stars is Dubai's most colourful and fun home styling service, helping those in need of home decorating tips or inspiration to make their pad unique - no matter how deep their pockets are.

Bold, statement-y, colourful, (sometimes) crazy, Stella + the Stars' style is certainly not for the faint hearted. But we also believe you don't need to sell a limb to be able to have a beautiful space, whether it's a rental or forever home!

We're on a mission to help you inject a little bit of fabulousness into your living space, one design dilemma at a time, while keeping that 'affordable' box well and truly ticked.

So if you love neon lights, bright interiors, and secretly dream of redecorating your pad top to bottom in Tom Dixon but your budget allows only Zara Home, then you're in the right place...