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If you're a brand, designer or PR and would like to get in touch about possible work, advertising, collaborations, consulting or anything else, please email me at

General enquiries

If you have any comments or questions about Stella + the Stars, or simply want to say Bonjour, email me at (optional happy face emojis always welcome) or use the contact us form.

Affordable styling service (for Dubai residents only) 

Need help finding a particular piece of furniture or art but don't know where to look? Have you seen something you love but that is totally out of your price range?

Want to make a room look amazing but also functional and work for you? Just moved in and don't know where to start or haven't got the time to get it sorted?

Need a fresh pair of eyes to put the final touches to an almost completed home revamp? Or just some inspiration to rethink the existing layout of your space?

Let Stella + the Stars help you add that 'je ne sais quoi' to your home decor, one design dilemma at a time! 

For more details and pricing, please submit a message through the form. 



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