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[Stella Loves] New bedding collab between 2LG and Secret Linen Store

Introducing the new fabulous bedding collection designed by 2LG in collaboration with Secret Linen Store. And it's a goodie. Why? Because it looks totally stunning, is great quality (yes, I actually made my bed and lay in it. At. The. Launch. Party. And everybody else joined me by the way. That's how we roll, us crazy interiors bloggers, click for the full story and scroll down to the end if you don't believe me), and... this is the important bit, my dear friends, is MEGA AFFORDABLE. I am talking a full king sized bed linen set including pillow cases for under £100. So, let's have a look at these little puppies in detail. 

Warning: this post contains an awesome discount offer exclusive to Stella + the Stars readers. Click on 'Read More' for full details.

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