[Stella Loves] New bedding collab between 2LG and Secret Linen Store

Warning: this post contains an awesome discount offer exclusive to Stella + the Stars readers. Scroll down for more details.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a slumber par-tay. Yes, I know, I felt like I was 14 again when I got the invite. We used to call these 'soirées pijamas' in France back in the days... Used to love them. Oh, nostalgia. Anyway I digress. This slumber party was no pyjama party, though, you know, where tacky jim jams, chick flicks and stroppy teenagers are involved (although one could argue that's I can sometimes fall into that category on one of my bad days but let's just move on, shall we?).

I am talking beautiful bed linen, styled on even more fabulous beds, delish canapés, pomegranate cocktails, with a guest list including some of the coolest interiors bloggers in town and hosted by Jordan and Russell, aka 2 Lovely Gays (or 2LG for short, which, as I found out during the party, was the postcode of their first design project. Meant to be, as they say). 

2LG invited us all to celebrate the launch of their brand new collection of bed linen in collaboration with Secret Linen Store (their motto: designer bed linen without the designer price tag, right up my rue, as you know), and instead of hosting the bash at one of London's hipster haunts - no, no, no, this was WAY cooler - the backdrop for the collection launch was a sumptuous Victorian house in South East London, which happens to be Jordan and Russell's latest interior design and renovation project and the actual inspiration behind their new collection. 

All the design, pattern and colours of each bed linen range (there are three) was inspired by something from the house they're currently renovating. Clever chaps, I am telling you. 

By the way, bed linen is underrated in my opinion and often treated as an afterthought when designing a room. Which is a shame really, you usually end up spending a small fortune on a stylish headboard, cool lamps, and quirky side tables, and then you can just ruin the whole thing by having dull and boring bed linen. Actually, quality, stylish bed linen is in my top 5 tips to give your bedroom that boutique hotel feel

Back to the 2LG/Secret Linen Store new collection. This is a really fab one. Why? Because it looks totally stunning, is great quality (yes, I actually made my bed and lay in it. At. The. Party. And everybody else joined me by the way. That's how we roll, us crazy interiors bloggers, scroll down to the end if you don't believe me), and.... this is the important bit, my dear friends, is MEGA AFFORDABLE. I am talking a full king sized bed linen set including pillow cases for under £100. So, let's have a look at these little puppies in detail. 

Oh, and Secret Linen Store are kindly offering 12% off the entire collection, until the 31st March2016. Just use the code STELLAANDTHESTARS at checkout. 


So let's start with my favourite of the three: it's called Moon, and, like it says on the tin, looks like, well, the surface of the moon. The design is based on the texture of the stripped plaster walls (you can see a glimpse of these in the background of the photo below), found under the many layers of wallpaper accumulated in the house over the years. The texture has got a little marble vibe to it, which is probably why I love this one so much. 

Click here to shop the Moon range 


How about this one, peeps? Sateen finish, marbled effect, blush pink bed linen made with 260 thread count cotton. Need I say more? It's called Florence, and is inspired by the Florentine papers found in a hidden cupboard in the house. It also references the city of Florence where the design duo spent their honeymoon. I'll just let the images below do the talking, shall I? (Isn't the pink bed just amazeballs? An eBay gem, apparently!)

Click here to shop the Florence range


There is something about Mary, non? (Sorry couldn't help myself). This lovely classic geometric design is a fresh play on an original Anaglypta wallpaper found in the house. It has a camellia flower in the centre, a little nod to the tree at the entrance of the propery that was planted by Mary, it's previous owner. Oh I love it when there is a good story behind a design! 

Click here to shop the Mary collection

The Anaglypta wallpaper found in the house inspired the Mary bed linen collection

The Anaglypta wallpaper found in the house inspired the Mary bed linen collection

And as promised, that's us crazy interiors bloggers with Russell, half of 2 Lovely Gays, performing some quality control on the new bedding collection... As you do... 

And that's all folks. What do you think of the new collection? And which one if your favourite?