[Stella Loves] Tribe Dubai's new showroom

Looking for quality yet affordable design in Dubai, is a bit like looking for tasty chocolate that doesn't make you fat... (forgive the bad food analogy but I have been the victim of the 'Dubai stone' curse and currently experiencing serious cravings). So when you find a store that has beautiful and unique pieces, carefully selected from independent designers from around the world, made from sustainable materials, and the price tags don't make you shiver uncontrollably with anxiety, it really feels like the interiors gods have heard your prayers... So if you're not familiar with this little drop of homeware heaven yet, let me introduce you to Tribe Dubai.

Tribe's new showroom is a fabulous collection of unique and sustainable pieces

Tribe's new showroom is a fabulous collection of unique and sustainable pieces

The brainchild of globetrotter Jo England - a designer from Australia, with 15 years of experience revamping houses under her belt - Tribe is the new kid on the home decor block. Set up just a year ago, it's slowly becoming the new destination for design conscious peeps who want to add a little bit of fabulousness into their home decor while ticking the sustainable box (and not break the bank in the process). Everything they sell is handmade and each supplier individually sourced based on their fair trade practices, which is something that's at the core of the business. 

To celebrate their first anniversary, Jo and the team are launching a brand new showroom in the heart of Al Quoz - in the new place to be and be seen, The Courtyard. You may be forgiven for thinking you've landed in a backstreet in the middle of rural south America as the location of the new shop is so quaint, it really doesn't feel like Dubai. If you had already visited their old studio on Sheikh Zayed Road, fear not, the beautiful space is not going anywhere but instead turned into a design studio where the Tribe team will work with both interior designers as well as clients on interior design projects. They will also offer a custom service to make any piece of furniture that you could dream of, working with local artisans based in the neighbourhood. 

I was lucky to get a preview of the new showroom ahead of its opening and went slightly berserk looking a all the goodies, beautifully styled. The store itself is full of quirky features and every piece tells a story and complements the rest of the collection.

A vintage bus roll, turquoise painted wicker baskets, and beaded chandeliers? Yes please...

A vintage bus roll, turquoise painted wicker baskets, and beaded chandeliers? Yes please...

The new store officially opens its doors today (1st September) so you can go immediately and shop till you drop. To help you browse (cos I am nice like that?!) I have made a selection of five of my favourite pieces. I mean, don't get me wrong, I could take the whole bloody shop home if let loose but these are what I think are really good buys - too gorgeous for words, affordable, and with the potential to fit with pretty much any interior scheme. 

1.  Urchin Hanging Lights - AED880

These are such fabulous alternatives to IKEA's Sinnerlig bamboo lamps (the ones I have in my living room) as you won't seem them in every house and all over Pinterest. Available in natural or black. 

2. Charlemagne Framed Prints - AED2,340

These limited edition prints by Katie Mendi really stand out in the showroom and I couldn't stop looking at them. And you know I am partial to a little menagerie in any interior scheme... 

 3. Carrara Marble G&T board + set of coasters - AED280

Marble fabulousness to prepare your G&Ts... I mean, need I say more?!?!

4. Empire Handmade Beaded Chandelier - AED1,450

I have had my eyes on the hand-made ones for years and could never justify the price tag but these are just gorgeous and much more affordable... It comes in black with natural trim or natural with black trim (like in the shot below).

5. Princess Peacock Chair - AED1,850

Everybody needs a Peacock chair in their lives, right?! I really like this one in white and you can accessorise it with funky cushions or patterned ones. 

If you fancy a little trip to the new showroom it's open from today in the Courtyard in Al Quoz. Click her for directions. Happy shopping!