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[Stella Loves] Tribe Dubai's new showroom

Looking for quality yet affordable design in Dubai, is a bit like looking for tasty chocolate that doesn't make you fat... (forgive the bad food analogy but I have been the victim of the 'Dubai stone' curse and currently experiencing serious cravings). So when you find a store that has beautiful and unique pieces, carefully selected from independent designers from around the world, made from sustainable materials, and the price tags don't make you shiver uncontrollably with anxiety, it really feels like the interiors gods have heard your prayers... So if you're not familiar with this little drop of homeware heaven yet, let me introduce you to Tribe Dubai.

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[Mini Style] Stella's new bedroom revamp

If you happen to have kids, then you probably won't be surprised to hear that the only room that's actually finished in our new pad, is neither the living area or our master bedroom but my daughter's bedroom. When you move across continents with a toddler, end up living out of suitcases in rented temporary accommodation for over two months, and finally settle in a new home, the priority is really to keep the troops happy and avoid as many diplomatic incidents at bedtime as possible. So there you go: we may not have any bedside tables, lamps, or shelves yet, but man, Stella's room is (almost!) done and is definitely one of my proudest projects to date.

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New beginnings for Stella + the Stars

Stella + the Stars is moving to the desert... No, it's not a joke, I swear. Surreal, yes, but also actually happening. Bear with me. A few months ago, hubby got offered an incredible opportunity to work from the Dubai office of his company. Yes, Dubai, as in the Middle East, six hours away from London, where it's very, VERY hot in the summer, and you can ski on an artificial slope, in the middle of the desert, after a shopping spree in the world's biggest mall. That Dubai.  

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