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[Mini Style] Stella's new bedroom revamp

If you happen to have kids, then you probably won't be surprised to hear that the only room that's actually finished in our new pad, is neither the living area or our master bedroom but my daughter's bedroom. When you move across continents with a toddler, end up living out of suitcases in rented temporary accommodation for over two months, and finally settle in a new home, the priority is really to keep the troops happy and avoid as many diplomatic incidents at bedtime as possible. So there you go: we may not have any bedside tables, lamps, or shelves yet, but man, Stella's room is (almost!) done and is definitely one of my proudest projects to date.

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[Star Tips] 5 simple ways to turn your rental into a home

Are you renting out your pad? Feeling a bit deflated thinking your hands are tied when it comes to decorating? Are you living in magnolia hell but don't know what to do about it for fear of kissing your deposit goodbye? Read on my friends cos I have just spent the past few weeks styling our new rented pad in the desert, and learned A LOT along the way. It's still a major work in progress but I can already share a few key principles with you so you don't have to sweat as much as I did.

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[Chez Moi] My guest room makeover (in less than 15 days and for £800!)

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this little project I started at the end of March: Operation Pocket Springs, I called it. I am funny like that. And you may also have wondered how I sourced a copper bed for under £300 and a Berber-style rug for £50. Wanna know more? Read on and I will demonstrate how to revamp a guest room in under 15 days and with a budget of £800... 

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[Eye Candy] Photo Diary: BHS Luxe Lounge at London Fashion Weekend

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to put my fashwan cap on for one day only - thanks to the lovely peeps at BHS, who kindly invited myself and fellow interiors blogger extraordinaire Sarah Akwisombe (aka my favourite partner in crime) to check out the Luxe Lounge at London Fashion Weekend. The British high street giant decorated the exclusive lounge this year using pieces from their new Spring collection of home accessories and lighting and we were tasked to review it (while enjoying free bubbles and amuse bouches, and browsing the fashion collections showcased. I know, it's a tough life, innit?). Want to know how the day went? 

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[Stella Loves] New bedding collab between 2LG and Secret Linen Store

Introducing the new fabulous bedding collection designed by 2LG in collaboration with Secret Linen Store. And it's a goodie. Why? Because it looks totally stunning, is great quality (yes, I actually made my bed and lay in it. At. The. Launch. Party. And everybody else joined me by the way. That's how we roll, us crazy interiors bloggers, click for the full story and scroll down to the end if you don't believe me), and... this is the important bit, my dear friends, is MEGA AFFORDABLE. I am talking a full king sized bed linen set including pillow cases for under £100. So, let's have a look at these little puppies in detail. 

Warning: this post contains an awesome discount offer exclusive to Stella + the Stars readers. Click on 'Read More' for full details.

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