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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide - Part 2: Ideas for little people

With the newly launched La Boutique de Stella + the Stars, you don't need to sweat around the shops trying to find that perfect gift, or even leave your house for that matter. I have put together a little selection of my favourite products for stylish kids from a selection of the coolest independent online shops in the land. You can even send the link to people who ask you what's on your little one's Christmas list, so essentially that's two birds, one stone scenario right here. 

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[Star Buys] Rocking chairs that rock

When I was decorating Stella's nursery a couple of years ago - which seems like bloody yesterday but that's another story [insert crying face emoji here] - I was looking at a stylish options for a comfortable armchair to add to her room, you know, for those endless night feeds obviously but also to finish the look and make the nursery Instagram friendly and all (I am shallow like that, sue me).

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