[Star Buys] Rocking chairs that rock

When I was decorating Stella's nursery a couple of years ago - which seems like bloody yesterday but that's another story [insert crying face emoji here] - I was looking at a stylish options for a comfortable armchair to add to her room, you know, for those endless night feeds obviously but also to finish the look and make the nursery Instagram friendly and all (I am shallow like that, sue me). I desperately wanted a jazzy rocking chair but I already owned a beautiful Eames white leather lounge chair with matching ottoman (thanks to Mr Stella + the Stars who surpassed himself with the best birthday present award that year) and it just felt like the most comfy option (and zero extra budget obviously) so, that was that.

Stella's nursery look completed with my beloved Eames Lounge chair (Photography by Jonathan Lappin)

Stella's nursery look completed with my beloved Eames Lounge chair (Photography by Jonathan Lappin)

If you're interested, I did a little bit of research (read: typed 'rocking chair history' on google.co.uk) and the first ever rocking chair was actually invented in the 18th century in America by attaching two ice skates to the bottom of a chair, but it was in 1787 that 'rocking chair' finally entered the Oxford English Dictionary. Can you picture me, rocking myself away in my wicker chair on my imaginary porch, sipping sweet tea and waving at neighbours. Sorry I digress, as always... But that's my bit of design history done for today...

Things have obviously evolved since the 1700's and when I think of the ultimate stylish rocking chair, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous Eames rocker designer by duo extroardinaire Ray and Charles Eames and manufactured by Herman Miller back in 1948 (hard to believe it was almost 60 years ago and yet it seems so contemporary, non?). Despite the fact that Herman Miller stopped production of the rocker back in 1968 (it was then reintroduced 30 years later), apparently pregnant employees continued to receive the chair as a company gift until the mid eighties, cementing this iconic chair as a symbol of high-end nursery decor. Don't you wish companies did that here?! 

The iconic rocker designed by Charles and Ray Eames (Source:  www.1stdibs.com )

The iconic rocker designed by Charles and Ray Eames (Source: www.1stdibs.com)

Now the high street as well as independent design shops have picked up on the trend and I have spotted some stunning models recently so, if you love the Eames rocker but a. don't have the budget (an original usually sets you back around £450), and b. want something that's not on every single 'stylish nursery' Pinterest board, here is a little selection of alternatives, Stella + the Stars style. By the way, these would work not only in a cool nursery but also in any living room, if you ask me!

1. Incline Rocker Chair in mustard, Dwell, £249 (Bargain Alert: the grey option is on sale for £124!)

2. G1 Fabric Rocking chair in black and white, Maisons du Monde, £299

3. Mid Century Rocking Chair in turquoise, Urban Outfitters, £350

4. Form Rocking Armchair in white oak, Normann Copenhagen, £390

5. Grand Prix Rocking Chair by Softline, available from Wayfair, £233 (on sale)

6. Comback Rocking Chair by Kartell, available from nunido, £405

Happy Shopping!