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Curating the coolest gallery wall with Drawdeck

When Drawdeck approached me to work on a collaboration to curate my own affordable wall gallery, let’s just say it was a match made in heaven.

I have picked 20 of my absolutely favourite artworks from their collection, 6 of which are now displayed in my home office. To say I am totally in love with my new space is an understatement!

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How to create the perfectly imperfect gallery wall

I do love a salon-style display - that's the interior stylist's technical term for a gallery wall of artwork of various sizes, colours and types. It's a great way to display an existing collection of art in one place. Obviously there are many ways to create, display and hang an instagram-worthy gallery wall but here are my 5 tips to create one that is perfectly imperfect, reflects your personality and won't cost the earth... 

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[Star Buys] How to buy original yet affordable artwork with Predella House

I am a tiny bit excited to introduce Predella House - an online art gallery, curating art 'for the culturally curious' that looks 'to break down the traditional barriers of elitist art purchasing' and open the doors into a new dimension of art buying. While offering support and advice to first time buyers. In other words, the perfect place to source original art without breaking the bank. Sounds right up you strasse? Yep, mine too... 

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[Stella Loves] Affordable Art Fair 2015 or how to source contemporary art on a budget

I attended the Battersea fair this weekend, like I do most years, which gathered over 100 galleries and 1,100 artists showcasing pieces up to £4000 with a focus on art under £500. The first thing I should mention for the mamas out there who will read this, is that the AAF team cleverly offers a free creche at the event. Yes, you read this right, FREE. CHILDCARE. While you browse (and have a cheeky G&T break at the fair's bar, with both hands). TOTES HASHTAG GENIUS, non?

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