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[Star Buys] Rocking chairs that rock

When I was decorating Stella's nursery a couple of years ago - which seems like bloody yesterday but that's another story [insert crying face emoji here] - I was looking at a stylish options for a comfortable armchair to add to her room, you know, for those endless night feeds obviously but also to finish the look and make the nursery Instagram friendly and all (I am shallow like that, sue me).

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[Star Tips] How to be a smart shopper for your home decor

This weekend, I read the whole of the September issue of Elle Decoration. Yes, every single one of the 211 pages. And it felt wonderful, not just for the reasons stated above but also because it's the most refreshing read I have had for absolute ages. I usually read Elle Decoration for inspiration purposes only rather than shopping ideas as most of the beautiful things featured in its pages are more often than not totally out of my (or anyone's) budget. However, this month they've gone all affordable on me with a special High Street issue [insert massive Hallelujah/Praise Hands Emoji here]. 

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