Curating the coolest gallery wall with Drawdeck


Warning: this post contains an awesome discount offer exclusive to Stella + the Stars readers. Scroll down for more details.

I often get asked how important art is to interior design. For me, it's EVERYTHING. Adding art is a crucial part of the interior design process. Artworks simply complete the look of any room. It sounds cliché but it's what makes a house a home - adding personality, telling a story, and having a focal point. For me, it should be up there with the essentials, like a sofa or dining table... Prints, posters, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, whether you like street art, contemporary photography or abstract illustrations, art is the finishing touch that can make your home look totally unique and personal, especially when you rent...

Sadly sourcing art can be a very expensive exercise, even more so when you live in Dubai, as there aren't a million places to find affordable prints… Enter, stage left, Drawdeck

If you haven't heard of them, you're missing out big time! Founded by two creative enthusiasts to make affordable art accessible to the Middle East, Drawdeck is Dubai's answer to all your budget-friendly gallery wall needs! And you know I am partial to a gallery wall... 

So when the team approached me to work on a collaboration together to not only create, custom-frame and install a gallery wall, it was a match made in heaven. We worked together for the past few weeks to create my dream wall gallery in my own pad as well as my own curated virtual gallery on their site


Drawdeck curate the work of a wide selection of artists to offer the best in quality and variety and each sale directly supports the artist behind the design. On their website you can buy not just prints but have them custom framed - each frame is handmade in their workshop with British wood and a glass front and delivered to your door within a week. I have used them so many times for projects, and they've never disappointed. I am told they're currently working with a handyman service to introduce a fixed fee installation on delivery, later this summer - it will literally mean artwork will be hanging on your wall in just a few clicks. 


I have picked 20 of my absolutely favourite artworks from their collection, 6 of which are now displayed in my home office. And above is the result. To say I am totally in love with my new space is an understatement! I have listed all the prints and artists featured in my wall gallery. 

Click here to discover the collection curated by Stella + the Stars on Drawdeck's website

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Drawdeck (a girl's gotta eat), but as always, all opinions, and sarcasms are my own. I only work with brands I genuinely love and would buy products from anyways. If you’re a brand interested in working with Stella + The Stars, please contact me on