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[Star Buys] 5 fabulous places to find affordable (yet cool!) art online

Sourcing art can be a very expensive exercise, even more so when you live in Dubai, as there aren't a million places to find affordable original art… I should know as I have been living in our pad for six months now and still have too many blank walls to count, staring at me each morning... So I have done a bit of research and basically done the hard work for you to find my top 5 virtual art galleries to get stunning original and contemporary art (including this gorgeous piece called Lost in Neon by photographer Jenny Woods) without having to win the lottery first. I obviously added some of my favourite pieces from each gallery in case you're interested and a little freebie/discount code for each. Oh, and they all ship to Dubai of course... 

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[Stella Loves] Affordable Art Fair 2015 or how to source contemporary art on a budget

I attended the Battersea fair this weekend, like I do most years, which gathered over 100 galleries and 1,100 artists showcasing pieces up to £4000 with a focus on art under £500. The first thing I should mention for the mamas out there who will read this, is that the AAF team cleverly offers a free creche at the event. Yes, you read this right, FREE. CHILDCARE. While you browse (and have a cheeky G&T break at the fair's bar, with both hands). TOTES HASHTAG GENIUS, non?

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