[Stella Loves] The return of the bar cart

It's kind of ironic to write about drinks trolleys while fighting a somewhat challenging hangover so, just see this as dedication and commitment from yours truly. And before getting all judgemental on me thinking, 'how dare she getting all tipsy, in a bar, on a school night?!', let me explain. Last night was all about celebrations, as Stella + the Stars, the little blog I launched only five months ago (I know what you're thinking here, five months?! No way! Yes, I feel like I have been boring you with my home decor crazy ramblings for ever too) got a nice little accolade at the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2015 (Highly Commended in the Best Newcomer category to be precise). With a free bar in one of the most fabulous venues in London - The Ham Yard Hotel - surrounded by the coolest bloggers in the interiors world, AND with Stella in the safe hands of her favourite aunties, you can see how easy it was to get trollied (sorry). But today's pain was all worth it.

If you voted for Le Blog a few weeks ago, a massive MERCI obvs. I literally can't thank everyone enough for making all this happen. Being in such a stunning venue (kudos Kit Kemp) mingling and getting congratulated by people I have admired for years was just the most surreal experience. If anyone from the Amara team reads this, a big thank you to the awards crew for treating us to an unforgettable night. 

Moving on to the topic of today's post: drinks trolleys. Or vintage bar carts, serving trolleys, whatever you want to call them, they are making a comeback. And a big one. Marble or brass, mid-century modern or contemporary, simply white or bright and colourful, there is a new wave of uber stylish drinks trolleys that have hit the UK high street and you can now find the most sublime designs for under £400. I, for one, am desperate to get my paws on one of these puppies but will need to move Stella's play area to make space for it (which is either embarrassingly naughty or absolutely necessary depending on how you look at it?!). I have spotted a handful of super stylish models online over the past few weeks, and I thought I'd share a selection of my favourite ones. Then all you have to do to style it is to take some stylish looking booze bottles, add chic glassware, a vintage cocktail shaker, a brass pineapple (just because), some lovely flowers in a tiny vase and Bob's your uncle. And if you feel guilty, remember it's always cocktail hour, somewhere... Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get trollied, sorry I mean cure my hangover by watching reruns of Mad Men, of course... 

1. Terrace Bar Cart, West Elm, £349

Brass, check. Discreet wheels to move it around the living room, check. Purse-friendly price tag, check. Need I say more? This is by far my favourite... 

2. Green Marble and Brass Drinks Trolley, MiaFleur, £325

A great option if you're limited for space. This bad boy can literally fit in any corner and add that touch of fabulousness to any living room... 

3. White Round Brass and Marble Drinks Trolley, Rose & Grey, £325

More brass and more marble, sorry! But check out this beaut. I love the circular shape, makes it stand out, don't you think?

4. Luxe Drinks Trolley, Oliver Bonas, £350

I love Oliver Bonas - each season they come up with a handful of totally fabulous pieces and I am literally in love with their brass and marble version (I may or may not be addicted to brass and marble). 


5. Mid-century bar cart, West Elm, £329

Another gem from the clever guys at West Elm. The perfect option if your living room has a nice mid-century vibe to it. Just get those vintage martini glasses out! 

6. RÅSKOG Trolley, IKEA, £49

For something a bit more contemporary and MUCH cheaper, you can't go wrong with this bargain from IKEA. I prefer it in dark grey but it also exists in mind green. Super versatile, you can also use it to store your favourite kitchen accoutrements and other tools. 

Happy Shopping!