[Star Buys] A sky (and a home) full of stars

I don't need to say how bloody emotional the past few days have been, you've seen it all on the news. As a born and bred French gal (albeit adopted by the British for the past 10+ years), watching from afar the horrifyingly unbearable images depicting what my fellow froggies have had to endure last weekend has been surreal and beyond upsetting. I mean, even grown-up male BBC presenters reporting from Paris are starting to break down on live TV... I have so many exciting projects to share with you all, and suddenly it all seems a little futile. I am not one to usually get all emosh online and this is so not the platform to vent how heartbroken and totally helpless I have all been feeling these past few days, and yet, it would seem totally wrong to just get on with today's blog post without a thought for all those aching and mourning on the other side of the Channel. 

So, I thought it'd be nice to ramble about stars today. As you know, it's the leitmotiv behind this blog, and this week it serves as a very small hommage (a totally pointless one, I'll agree, but still an hommage) to the 129 new stars that made it to our sky last Friday night. 

I have had an obsession for everything starry for like, ever: I called my daughter Stella (which means 'star' in Latin and Italian), if you saw my wardrobe you'd be forgiven to think it was sponsored by the National Astronomy Society, and there are a few starry accessories dotted around the house that keep cropping up without me even noticing. I don't really know why I love everything about stars. Aesthetically, I am intrigued by their pattern, their shape. Meaning wise, I am kind of weirdly fascinated by them, what they represent. 

In the world of home decor, stars are everywhere, and it's super easy to add little celestial touches to one's interior scheme. I try to restrain myself to avoid the house looking like the London Royal Observatory, but even then, I constantly find more lovely designs, home accessories, lighting, you name it, featuring stars that I need to get my paws on. Here is what is currently on my wish list. 


1. So Many Stars, print by Andy Warhol, 86 x 71cm, available from Art.co.uk, £75 (unframed)
2. Glittery Blue & Silver Stars Bauble, from the Conran Shop, £12.50
3. Patterned photo frame, from H&M Home, £2.99
4. Starburst Pendant, from Out There Interiors, £495
5. Ziggy Star Cushion in gold, from Sarah Baily, £185
6. Broadway table lamp, from Made.com, £99
7. Stars Wallpaper, by Cole & Son, from Fashionwallpaper.co.uk, £70 per roll. 
8. Star pink rug, by Lorena Canals, from Wayfair.co.uk, £99

Happy star gazing... I mean, shopping!