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Bonjour world! Emilie here, French transplant in London town, interior stylist, and 'founder' of Stella + the Stars, the new kid on the blogging block, helping those of you design lovers in need of interior decorating tips or inspiration to make their home unique - no matter how deep your pockets are. This blog aims to be your source of inspiration on all things interiors, home décor and design, while keeping that 'affordable' box well and truly ticked. 

Stella + the Stars is your new go-to place for inspiration and tips on affordable home styling.

Stella + the Stars is your new go-to place for inspiration and tips on affordable home styling.

First of all welcome to Stella + the Stars. I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for months (ok, actually it's been a few years, but you know the drill, you have a full time job, then a child, life takes over and... nothing gets done...) But I have finally taken the plungeIt's not easy putting yourself out there. It's actually a scary step but also an exhilarating one and I am just really happy to have you on board for this exciting journey. 

The thinking behind this blog is to inspire those of you (like the old me!) who dream of having a designer home without the price tag that normally comes with it. You may have wanted to revamp your home or just that one room that's been neglected for years (hello, guest room!) but you're never quite sure how to put it all together. You might be stretched for time and lack the hours in the day to trawl a million sites to find that perfect velvet chair. Or you may not have a big budget but still want to give your living space that little bit of TLC to make it look fabulous. 

Stella + the Stars is all about giving you useful and AFFORDABLE tips and tricks to inject a little je ne sais quoi, without having to rack up a big credit card bill...

First, let me ask you a few things:

  • Do you look at interiors magazines with envy but never quite know how to pull off those gorgeously styled looks in your own home?
  • Do you think recreating those beautiful interiors is only possible on a budget for the rich and famous?
  • Do you love spending quality time in your home but often get frustrated thinking it doesn't reflect your taste or personality?
  • Do you feel like you'll never find the time or money to make your house a home in which you actually feel excited to hang out in?
  • Do you end up every weekend in IKEA wondering around aisle 2 to 16 like a lost soul trying to put together a look you've seen in the catalogue but end up with lots of bits and bobs that don't end up looking quite right?

Do any of these questions sound familiar? All of them, even?! Well, first of all, you're not alone! And second, please stick around because I have been there, done that and got the t-shirt... Life is hard enough and coming home should be the light at the end of a long and challenging day. I really love my home now, it's become my sanctuary and I swear we didn't have to go bankrupt while redecorating it. 

There are so many new great interiors and homeware websites which now sell a range of fantastic yet reasonably priced products. I love finding unusual and quirky pieces that make visitors comment on (or sometimes raise eyebrows but that's another story). I have found a good balance between up-and-coming designers and the gold mine that is the British high street, and I want to share the love! 

On this blog, I will save you precious time and energy by giving you the lowdown on all these 'not so usual' suspects, hidden gems, gorgeous independent shops that haven't had much exposure in mainstream media yet. I will also give you tips on how to find affordable alternatives to the classic designer items that we can all only dream of. I will also give you tips on how to source affordable art to add personality. We will cover all aspects of interior styling and everything in between... I'll basically try and help you make your pad look a million dollars (when you don't actually have a million dollars!).

So welcome to Stella + the Stars, a place that I hope will give you the tools and confidence to refresh and brighten your home with these easy-to-implement tips.

Feedback, likes, comments, smiley face emojis, questions, all welcome of course. You can leave your thoughts by leaving a comment below or if you're feeling shy, just email emilie@stellaandthestars.net.

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