Welcome to Stella + the Stars 2.0


It's with ridiculous excitement that I can finally introduce you to Stella + the Stars version 2.0 aka my new fancy-pants website! Got a new logo and everything! I am so happy with it I have been barely able to breathe since we pressed 'publish' this morning... So, what's all the fuss about, you might wonder? Well, why don't I give you all a little virtual tour so you get the full story behind the redesign? Buckle up, let's do it... 

Why I revamped the website

Stella + the Stars turns 3 in a couple of months. It feels like yesterday I left the world of corporate media and changed my signature to 'blogger/interior stylist'. It's probably been the most exciting 3 years of my entire bloody life with a complete career change, a move to the other side of the globe, and the opportunity to turn my obsession into an actual business. What started as a fun blog about interiors has gradually turned into a dream career as a home stylist, and I wanted the new website to better represent what I do. So I decided to move away from my old blog template to a more professional looking site that showcases more of what I do on a daily basis - interiors projects, brand collaborations, as well as styling workshops

How did I do it?

I'd love to tell you that I am a genius multitasker/superwoman who can do it all and took on all the technical re-design of a website all by herself. But let's be honest here, I’m about as good at HTML and coding and all the blogging back-end stuff as I am at going to the gym (clue: not very good at all) so I did what I do best and DELEGATED aka called in the professionals to help me create a new platform that looks cool and modern, reflects my style and properly showcases what Stella + the Stars is all about. 

Who helped me

On the recommendation of one of my fellow interior designers (who also happens to be one of the most lovely and talented ladies on the Dubai interiors scene) Kath from House of Hawkes, I sent out an SOS to Nida the brains behind Nuance Creative, a boutique design studio in Dubai. After our first meeting it was literally digital love at first sight and in just a few weeks after discussing my project and what I was after, Nida completely captured my style and translated the vision I had in my head into the first draft of the new site. A SquareSpace wizard mixed with a highly creative mind, Nida immediately 'got it' so the final result and what you can now see live is really not far from those initial designs. Nida was a dream to work with, and I sometimes wonder if she is actually a mind reader, she was so spot on with her ideas. 

What we've kept

We've kept the navigation mega simple, no gimmicks here. Le Blog is still there OBVS but has had a little refresh and we added clear categories of posts for easy navigation. The grid style design makes it easier to find older posts rather than the old endless scrolling sitch with the previous design. 'About Me' and 'Contact Me' pages remain pretty much the same - with my story (updated) and how Stella + the Stars was born during that cold London winter 2015... 

What's new

We added a new section 'Work With Me' where you can find all the information about my home styling services, testimonials from previous clients and details on how I can help you whether you're a brand or just someone looking for help revamping their own pad. There is a new 'Press' section - I still feel a little show-offy having it on the new site - but everybody told me I should shout about the coverage I get online and in print so there you go #cringe. Another 'blow my own trumpet' part of the new site is the 'Portfolio' section where I will be showcasing my most recent home styling projects. I have so many in the pipeline that haven't been photographed (or even completed!), I can't wait to show you what's in store in the next few months. The homepage has a new section called 'Current Faves' and is basically an edit of my favourite accessories from my go-to Dubai interiors stores. I'll update these every other week. 

Why I changed the logo

I wanted to give the logo a light refresh too without going into rebranding territory - something less girly and more modern and profesh. It's a subtle change and you might not even notice it at first but for me it makes all the difference. A bit like updating your old sofa (that was absolutely fine to begin with) with something the same colour but more edgy and that gives your whole living room that little pizzaz it needed - know what I mean?!  Again, with barely any brief, Nida delivered the goods! hashtag mind reader, I am telling you. 

Now I have got my brand new sparkling website, I have been feeling the pressure to produce some fab content to do it justice... So watch out for some upcoming blog posts in the next few weeks as I'll be revealing my master bedroom revamp, tips to add a touch of marble to your home decor without breaking the bank, and a garden redesign... Watch this space, as they say, Watch. This. Space. 

PS: I am gagging to know what you think of the new look Stella + the Stars, please pretty please give me your thoughts in the comments below!