Emilie has a very bubbly and friendly personality which makes working together fun and interesting. She often has (seemingly) quirky ideas that translate really nicely into modern living spaces. We have worked together on a couple of projects now, and have always really enjoyed our revived and renewed spaces immensely. My favourite part of the home styling process is actually letting Emilie do her thing—set up and arrange everything—and observing the transformation, however large or small the scope of the project.
–Kristina, Meadows

I first had the pleasure of working with Emilie in May 2017 when she helped me bring together my bland and lifeless living and dining room area. As a full-time working professional with zero designing skills, I needed someone who would not only assist me with the design, but also do all the leg-work. I loved her work so much, in October I also gave her the task of designing my bedroom from scratch.

To say that she did a great job would be an understatement – I absolutely LOVE my new home! Emilie is extremely creative and hard-working and has the ability to capture your personality in her work. From our very first meeting, she very quickly understood who I was and what I was trying to achieve. She has an amazing eye for detail, an excellent understanding of colours and textures and can easily vision the end design (something I struggle with). One of the many things I loved about working with Emilie is how understanding and non-pushy she is. I am a very indecisive person and she dealt with me with pure patience and professionalism, never once making me feel stressed or anxious.

Emilie’s sourcing skills are second to none. She will search high and low for that perfect piece and will go as far as finding people to make / build the items you cannot find in stores – she is a perfectionist! Emilie’s knowledge of who sells what where is impressive. She has a wide network of people / companies she has worked with and will negotiate on your behalf, ensuring to always to stay within budget (which we did for both projects). At times when suppliers let us down at the last minute, Emilie went out of her way to find a quick solution, ensuring the project was complete within the agreed timeline.  Her regular updates and detailed costing spreadsheets (with images against each item!) not only assures you that you are working with an experienced and well-organised professional, but also makes you realise how she thinks about the small, yet important things that you would never think of – genius!

Working with Emilie was an absolute delight.  Not only is she fantastic at what she does, she is also a lovely lady. Thanks to her, I am now an extremely house proud person and for that, I can’t thank her enough. I just wish I had more rooms in my apartment to decorate.
–Ayse, Dubai Marina

I’ve been following Emilie’s blog and social media for what seems like forever, it’s as if she’s always been a part of my life and my home! She is a rare find: someone who writes excellent long copy as well as engaging social media posts, and I absolutely love her style. She’s down to earth, funny and approachable and she always has a new gem to tell us about.

Emilie’s blog is a real water cooler topic in the office - we love discussing her latest posts and rushing out to discover new retailers or brands that she’s recommended. It’s sometimes a competition to see who can get there first! There’s always someone with a project on the go that’s inspired by her ideas and we love sharing them amongst ourselves and comparing how we’re getting on.

On a personal note, Emilie has achieved the impossible: my husband has embraced colour in our home and is now such a huge fan of hers that when we go shopping for anything interiors-related asks me: “what would Emilie do?” before we make any decisions. #wwed 

I’ve also had the pleasure of partnering with Emilie on some client projects and they’ve worked like a dream. It is so refreshing to work with someone so professional and knowledgable - I can truly relax when I’m working with her as I know she will deliver every time. Clients absolutely love her as they can see her passion and experience and immediately know they are in safe hands. 

I recommend her wholeheartedly to friends who are looking for interior styling advice and clients who need to build their brand and following - she will undoubtedly deliver on both.
–Kelly, Jumeirah 1



Never failing to amaze and goes above expectations are the first things that come to my mind when I think of Emilie! Working with her on a collaboration for IKEA has been an amazing experience as she's always been accessible, flexible and did all she could to ensure the campaign was a success. If there's one thing we loved about Emilie, it's how she creates eye-catching content that generates results! Can't wait to work with you again Emilie.

Emilie was great to work with! The workshop we conducted at Nook and The Flower Bar - "The Art of the #Shelfie" - was a great success and our customers have been asking for more ever since. Her style is fresh and friendly, and we enjoyed the workshop just as much as the attendees did. The workshop was seamless and Emilie was very hands-on during the planning process. The shelves we worked on were beautiful, and we look forward to working with her again at the earliest opportunity. We highly recommend her styling if you are looking for a tasteful and eclectic approach to your project!
Nook Concept

We partnered with Emilie to run a home styling workshop in our showroom. We wanted to activate the space with a dynamic, interesting session that showcased our range of products and added some theatre to the space. Emilie was the perfect choice. Not only does she have an engaged and loyal following, she has a credible and approachable voice which consumers relate to.

We designed the event together, with Emilie giving valuable input and direction as to what would work best and engage and entice our target audience. Together we also created a full campaign of pre/during and post-shoot posts and promotion that greatly helped to raise awareness of our brand and social media channels.  

We had so many RSVP’s that we were actually over subscribed, with a wait list, which is testament to the breadth and depth of Emilie’s reach. The event was hugely interactive, with attendees enthusiastically taking part which meant that they experienced our brand and products in a fun way, whilst also learning about interior styling from Emilie.

It was a pleasure to work with Emilie, right from the planning stages she was bursting with passion and ideas of how we could bring the event to life and make it a ‘must-attend’. She is a consummate professional with an eye and ear for detail and an enthusiasm which is contagious.

Overall the whole project went exactly as we’d hoped and we are looking at how we can run more events with her in the future.
Kaiser Interiors