[Mini Style] Stylish beds for cool toddlers

I recently attended a brilliant interior design workshop organised by Jenny Scott, the brains behind Mothers Meeting. If you're a London-based new mum and haven't heard of this clever lady and her network of the coolest mamas in town then, please do me a favour, drop whatever you're doing, (even reading this post - that's how much I love Mothers Meeting...) and just head over www. mothersmeeting.com, have a little snoop around and then sign up for the events newsletter. You can thank me later. 

Anyways, I digress, as usual. The latest event I attended was a little networking session for mums based around interior design. A tutor from KLC School of Design (where I did my styling course!) came to give us a little taster session on interior styling, from creating a concept, to colour theory and the general principles of lighting. It was like being back at school again (again!) and I loved every minute of it.  

The workshop was sponsored by the Norwegian baby gear brand Stokke - you know, the makers of those futuristic yet fabulous prams. By the way, I finally found out how to pronounce the name of that brand. Repeat after me, “STOWE-kah.” Not "Stow-key".... Anyways, turns out, Stowe-kah, I mean Stokke, sorry, don't just make gorgeous buggies, they also have a beautiful range of nursery and kids furniture.

We had a preview of their new 'Home' range. They've gone big on transitional pieces for the new collection with each product adapting in shape and use as your baby grows. It reminded me that Stella is now just months away from moving from her baby cot to a toddler bed and I wish I had invested early on in something that would have lasted until she is older. We are now at baby cot Numero Dos - we had the beautiful Bloom Alma Mini crib when she was a newborn - and we'll have to invest again probably in the next few months. I have spent hours looking for cool yet affordable toddlers beds that don't involved Elsa from Frozen or Thomas the Tank and a handful have made into my shortlist. I thought I'd share it with you... 

1. Stokke Home Bed - £519

As mentioned above, this is a clever product. It's a baby cot, that turns into a toddler bed (youll have to buy the bed guard pictured above separately for £59) and when your child outgrows the bed around the age of 5, you can continue using it as a sofa and playhouse. Win, win. 

2. Made.com Dulwich single bed - from £129

Well, this is not really a toddler bed but a more grown up kid's bed actually but I love the simplicity of it. I also love the price... (mattress needs to be purchased separately by the way). It comes in a couple of different variations, as a day bed and also with an optional slide and hide truckle bed, ideal for sleepovers... 

3. IKEA Ovre bed - £95

I really tried to avoid going down the IKEA here but it's virtually impossible to resist. I mean the canopy? and the price tag? Need I say more? 

4. Rafa Kids R-Toddler Bed, £470

Fans of Scandi minimalism but with a fairly low budget, please look away now. I know this is not exactly bargain territory, but with such an exquisite design, it had to make the shortlist... The wheels are super practical to move it around the bedroom (which I do a lot!) and to clean undereneath (which I do a lot too!). 

5. Kids Teepee Cabin Bed by Woood, £399


Is it a toddler bed? Is it a teepee? Both? Who cares! With this genius design, your toddler won't be needing bribing to go to snooze, that's for sure. 

6. Flexa single bed, £170

Another beautifully simple yet affordable design. Available in mint, pale pink, white and yellow. And it looks more expensive than it is. 

I have a few months to choose so will let you know who the winner is!

Happy Shopping!

[Full disclosure: this is NOT a sponsored post. I was invited to the Stokke event by Mothers Meeting but wasn't obligated to review the event or the Stokke collection, and only did so because I genuinely like the products]