[Mini Style] Cool wallpaper ideas for kids' bedrooms

I was observing my 21-month-old daughter Stella earlier today and I was thinking: isn't being a kid totally fabulous? You can spend every day of your life playing, or napping when you are too tired of playing. You can walk around the streets wearing the most absurd outfits (sorry I mean, cute obvs...) and still get winks and even compliments from total strangers (Stella was out and about in the park recently sporting a white tutu, a Ryan Gosling-style satin bomber jacket in bright pink and a pair of dirty converse and still managed to be the star of the show at the playground...) 

Every meal is prepared, served and subsequently cleared for you, all your laundry gets done without you having to lift a finger, and you even get to have a lovely bubble bath every single night of the week. I don't know about you but I'd pay good money to be a toddler again. 

I was looking at Stella playing with various toys, animals, and colouring books and it also reminded me how lucky little people are to be able to live in such a fantasy world. Often, their bedroom is their own special place where they can play make-believe, dream, and get stimulated and inspired. There are many ways to transform a dull room into a fabulous space where they'll love to play and hang out. I recently published a whole post with tips and inspiration to decorate a kid's room. Click here if you missed it. One simple thing that brings instant 'ta-da' to a little one's bedroom is an inspiring or whimsical wallpaper. To save you the hassle of scouring the web for cool designs I have made a small selection of my favourite places to source the coolest kids-friendly wallpapers. 

1. Cole & Son

I have been a fan of their iconic Woods wallpaper for years but they recently launched a new version of the pattern with gold stars as part of their fantastic new 'Whimsical' collection. it's like they read my mind... I am pretty much in love with all of the designs: the multicoloured harlequin style pattern, the dreamy carnival imagery, and of course lots of stars.... Cole & Son's Woods & Stars wallpaper is available from Amara.com, £78 per roll. 

2. Hibou Home

This is a brand I recently discovered. I absolutely adore their wallpapers. They are simple yet stylish, contemporary yet classic. And of course there are more stars involved... (sorry, I can't help it...). Their 'Wish upon a star' design in grey and white is my favourite of their collection. Available from HibouHome.com, £70 per roll. 

3. Ferm Living

This Danish brand produces the most beatiful designs based on scandinavian traditions but with a modern twist. Their range includes wallpapers, but also textiles, decorative objects, wallstickers, designs for the kitchen, bathroom and office as well as a large collection for kids. My two favourite wallpapers from the collection are Harlequin and Clouds (see below). Available from thismodernlife.co.uk, from £44 per roll. 

4. Notonthehighstreet.com

They have a great and varied selection of independent suppliers including these clever colour-in wallpapers for arty kids from Funwall. You just put up the wallpaper just like a standard one and kids can just colour in the designs as they wish. Genius! Available from www.notonthehighstreet.com, £60 per roll. 

5. Wallpaperdirect.com

This is a great place to source wallpapers as there is a huge choice but it also means you need to know roughly what you're looking for or you could end up browsing like there is no tomorrow... (Been there, got the t-shirt) They also stock one of my new favourite brands - Paper Boy. How fabulous is the 'Hand-made' design below?! Adore... Available from www.paperboywallpaper.co.uk, £150 per roll. 

Happy decorating!