[Mini Style] Great storage ideas for kids' bedrooms

Happy Fri-yay and all that. Anyone else starts wishing it was Friday on.... Monday morning? No, just me then? Anyways, don't let me digress as always. Today is all about little people. They are little indeed by definition but for some reason take more space and create more mess than an herd of elephants left alone in a porcelain factory. That's Frenglish for bulls in a china shop, by the way. In case you had to google it. Although I expect you to understand my Emilie-isms and own personal made-up expressions by now...

My daughter Stella, who is 2 1/2 now, seems to have taken ownership of every single room in the house and it's like part of the local soft play area and favourite toy shops are slowly moving in with us each week. If you have children under 5, you're probably nodding while sighing at the same time while reading this. 

So I have to be more clever every time with my storage solutions, or we end up hanging out on the sofa in the evening with Peppa dolls, wooden train carriages, and mini Elsas wedged between us... 

So I'd like to share with you, lovely readers, my favourite toy storage solutions (and by toys I obvs mean general mess created by small humans). All created with fabulous design, all affordable, and all having the potential of making your house look like there are still adults actually living in it (or at least pretending). So next Friday evening, you can wrap up all the toys (aka mess) in those fabulous baskets, shelves, crates or whatever you pick, and just whisper to yourself: 'Nothing to see here' while mentally pouring that pint of prosecc. 

Top fave toy storage ideas from La Boutique

Happy shopping y'all!