I love working with brands and independent homeware makers to produce compelling, high quality content and beautiful images, that I know my readers/followers will fall in love with too…

If you're a brand / designer / PR, your aesthetic fits the Stella + the Stars style, and would like to get in touch about possible sponsorship, advertising, collaborations, consulting or anything in between, please email me at emilie@stellaandthestars.net.

Whether you are looking for a sponsored Instagram campaign, blog post or a more long-term collaboration, let’s chat.



Need help finding a particular piece of furniture or art but don't know where to look? Have you seen something you love but that is totally out of your price range? Want to make a room look amazing but also functional and work for you? Just moved in and don't know where to start or haven't got the time to get it sorted? Need a fresh pair of eyes to put the final touches to an almost completed home revamp? Or just some inspiration to rethink the existing layout of your space? Let Stella + the Stars help you add that 'je ne sais quoi' to your home decor, one design dilemma at a time!



This includes my ideas, inspiration boards, mood-boards, and full shopping list. We start with exchanging ideas on Pinterest so I can get a better idea of your style and the things you like; we agree on a clear list of products to source/replace/update, I send you a mood-board with different options for various products, you have one round of changes...

You then choose the final list of items, and approve everything and I work on the shopping list. I send you the full shopping list and recommendations of suppliers/trades people and you can go ahead and start shopping, at your own pace without any pressure...



This includes all of the Remote Home Styling package + plus two extra site visits to take measurements and discuss options with you, sourcing and ordering all products, one installation day to manage handymen/contractors, dealing with suppliers etc.



If you want my help on a more ad-hoc basis, in a consulting capacity, I can work on an hourly or a daily basis (I give you a estimate of how many hours would be needed for anything you ask me to look into before we start). This includes researching, sending ideas, taking you shopping or sourcing for you if you're running out of time and anything from the above packages.


"Emilie has a very bubbly and friendly personality which makes working together fun and interesting. She often has (seemingly) quirky ideas that translate really nicely into modern living spaces. We have worked together on a couple of projects now, and have always really enjoyed our revived and renewed spaces immensely. My favourite part of the home styling process is actually letting Emilie do her thing—set up and arrange everything—and observing the transformation, however large or small the scope of the project."
–Kristina, Meadows


"I’ve been following Emilie’s blog and social media for what seems like forever, it’s as if she’s always been a part of my life and my home! She is a rare find: someone who writes excellent long copy as well as engaging social media posts, and I absolutely love her style. She’s down to earth, funny and approachable and she always has a new gem to tell us about. Emilie’s blog is a real water cooler topic in the office - we love discussing her latest posts and rushing out to discover new retailers or brands that she’s recommended.

I’ve also had the pleasure of partnering with Emilie on some client projects and they’ve worked like a dream. It is so refreshing to work with someone so professional and knowledgable - I can truly relax when I’m working with her as I know she will deliver every time. Clients absolutely love her as they can see her passion and experience and immediately know they are in safe hands."
–Kelly, Jumeirah 1

"Emilie was great to work with! The workshop we conducted at Nook and The Flower Bar-  "The Art of the #Shelfie" - was a great success and our customers have been asking for more ever since. Her style is fresh and friendly, and we enjoyed the workshop just as much as the attendees did. The workshop was seamless and Emilie was very hands-on during the planning process. The shelves we worked on were beautiful, and we look forward to working with her again at the earliest opportunity. We highly recommend her styling if you are looking for a tasteful and eclectic approach to your project!"
Nook Concept