Marble is the new black

I have gone marble-tastic. I want marble everywhere. Literally. If I could afford to turn my kitchen in to the one in the image below, I would call the builders, like, yesterday (obviously, I  would also need to chuck in those divine Tom Dixon copper ceiling lights and golden stools for good measure). 

Picture via  Behance

Picture via Behance

Don't get me wrong, I have always loved marble but it's only reached addiction territory at the end of last year when I started seeing it EVERYWHERE. I remember it was all over last year’s London Design Festival and was tipped to be the trend to watch for 2015. Well, let me tell you I have been bloody watching like a hawk and now I am officially hooked. 

Marble's such a timeless and chic material - it looks stunning paired with copper and gold but also with more rustic materials like reclaimed wood. The possibilities are as limited as your imagination.  I can't get enough of it and I am beyond myself it's finally moved on from its austere and classic roots to become uber cool again. 

Sadly, like most things I love in life, it's not a cheap material... So what do we do here at Stella + the Stars when we face that conundrum aka "I love it but I can't afford it"? Well, we look for AFFORDABLE alternatives to inject a little bit of the trend into your home, without having to actually remortgage said home, that's what. 

So I have compiled my top favourite and affordable marble (sometimes faux) items for you to shop and join the marble army.