[Eye Candy] Hooked on wall hooks

I know wall hooks doesn't exactly sound like the sexiest topic to dedicate a whole blog post to but if you bear with me a little longer, the designs below might actually prove otherwise. 

You might already be aware that I have mild OCD and am physically allergic to clutter. I am also not massively keen on boring storage solutions so I have had to learn to be creative (or find people who are) on the storage front to hide or at least 'organise' my mess. One of the things I love the most in interiors is when clever designers take the most common everyday objects (today's example: wall hooks) and turn them into an exciting home accessory that makes you excited to actually display them just for the sake of it.

To prove my point, I have handpicked a collection of six of my most favourite wall hooks. Some of them are totally bonkers, some look like pieces of jewellery, some are a little bit scary, but all of them are literally too cool for school. 

1. Copper pin hangers

These beauties are from Zieta Prozessdesign, a Swiss design company that has come up with a new genius technology that can sort of 'inflate' flat steel sheets to create this beautiful 3D foil balloon effect. When I win the lottery, the first thing I am buying is  a set of their copper chairs... The pin hangers are available from Lovethesign.com and start at £60 for the small size (exists also in medium and large sizes). For a more affordable option, Astella Hrela also stocks the neon yellow version, £99 for a set of three. 

2. Do you need a hand?


These are 100% resin casts of their designer Harry Allen's hand. Can hang your keys, dog's leash, flowers, your phone... you name it. Available from Panik Design, £60 each. Also available in gold colour.  

3. Wall climbers

These are from Umbra and are cheap as chips. I have a set in our hallway (see above accessorising the slight overload of chalk board wall styling...). These little guys are a great way to hang keys, small objects and anything you need to get quickly when you get out of the door in a rush, which happens to me on daily basis. Available from John Lewis, £15 for a set of three. You can choose from multicoloured, black and white options. 

4. Screw hooks

If you follow me on Instagram, you may recognise these from Stella's bedroom. (I did say I was hooked!) It used to be my dressing room (ahhhh, the pre-baby days luxuries, remember?!) and I just left them as they are just so practical and add a bit of quirkiness to her nursery. They used to hang my favourite handbags, now they mainly display kids' clothes... Sigh... These screw coat hooks are from Philip Watts Design and available from Notonthehighstreet.com, £57 each. 

5. Knife hooks

These are the slightly scary option I mentioned earlier... If you can stop imagining someone is having fun throwing knives at your wall, how perfect are they in the kitchen?! And and endless source of amusement. Available in black, red or white from Out There Interiors, £18 each. 

6. Let's play darts!

These hooks are a little homage to Mr Stella + the Stars, who's been an avid fan of darts for years and could be Phil 'The Power' Taylor's long lost cousin... One Hundred and Eiiiiiiighty... Just kidding, they are actually £20 for the set of three, and available from Suck UK

Happy shopping!