10 budget-friendly ideas to jazz up your home

You don't need to spend a million bucks to add coolness and fun to your pad. I was kindly asked by At Home magazine to write my top 10 budget-friendly tips to jazz up your home décor over the bank holiday (you still have two days left!) - none of which involves maxing out another credit card. You can read the original article here

1 /   Repaint a room in a bold colour
It can be scary to take the colour plunge especially if you’ve always had neutral colours on your walls but repainting a room in a bold colour is the cheapest and most effective way to add that little bit of oomph and personality…  

2 /   Create a statement wall
If you’re not ready for a full room colour revamp, creating a statement wall with a fabulous wallpaper can really inject personality to a room. You could start small with a small area or a hallway. 

3 / Turn your staircase into a gallery
Displaying existing paintings, posters, prints, postcards and photographs in a cluster is a great way to create a wall art display in an otherwise bland staircase.
There is no need to spend a fortune on expensive art pieces though - postcards from exhibitions, posters, black & white photos, and even children’s drawings can make a fabulous gallery wall.

4 / Fix shelves higher up to create storage
A trick to create more storage and make it look almost invisible is to fix shelves higher on a wall – almost at ceiling level – and paint them to match with the walls so they almost blend in instead of standing out. You can use cheap MDF ones, and all you need to do is prime them and then use two coats of paint of the same colour as the wall. 

5 / Showcase your collectibles
Have a weird and wonderful collection? Try incorporating your items into the interior design of your home to make an impact. A clever display like acrylic shelves will showcase your collections in their best light and leave guests impressed. 

6 / Customise your existing furniture
Door handles and knobs are little things that have a big impact. Customise an existing cabinet or chest of drawers with a set of new doorknobs to give them a quick and inexpensive facelift.

7 / Give your garden a spring clean
Forget the hassle of mowing your lawn every week by installing faux grass in your garden. It’s a very cost effective (and low maintenance!) way of giving your garden an eternal spring clean.

8 / Give your hallway the wow factor
Hallways are often neglected and treated as just a thoroughfare but it’s the first thing you (and visitors!) see when they walk into your home. Give your hallway the star treatment by making a statement. A clever and cost-effective idea is to repaint one of the walls in chalkboard paint and let people write comments when they come visit or let the kids play with their imagination…

9 / Let your library do the talking
Turn the traditional bookshelf concept on its head by installing a forward-facing book display to show off your best coffee table books. Front covers are usually much more stylish than their spines so make the most of your library…

10 / Shop your own home
Redecorate without spending a penny! You can often completely change the look of your pad by shopping your own home. Rearrange shelves, move art pieces from one room to another, same with rugs, lamps or mirrors, to create a new look. You’ll be surprised how much difference you can make.