[Mini Style] Stylish high chairs that won't ruin your home decor

If you read this blog regularly, then two things apply to your status: 

1. I kinda of dig you, ok, because without YOU, there is basically no Stella + the Stars, no awards nominations, no dream job, no likes on Instagram, NADA, so thank YOU for being part of our gang

2. There is a pretty high chance you're, like me, design conscious and like having nice things to make your home pretty. 

Sometimes people who are design conscious and who like having pretty things in their houses, do something that is both so totally and utterly bonkers and mind-blowingly life altering (in a good way), it can potentially wreck a happy and harmonious home decor: they procreate... And worst, they naively think that producing these little humans will not cause total chaos in their pad... Are you nodding embarassingly or is that just me? 

We are now almost two years into the earth-shattering, borderline seismic experience of having a mini version of ourselves aka Stella and I have learnt an awful lot along the way - I am not referring to the whole motherhood thang here (this is not the platform for it and I am at best half decent at it so I won't even pretend I could give out any sort of meaningful advice apart from reading this book) but mainly to the whole 'reconfiguring your house to accommodate that new tiny person' shenans. These little creatures somehow seem to need more space and shiz than a herd of baby elephants... 

There are about a million bits of paraphernalia you'll need to welcome a small human in your life and like all things in life, unfortunately, it's much easier to find cheap-looking, plastic-tastic stuff that's bland at best, tacky at worst, than it is to source beautifully-designed yet affordable gear. 

One of the things I really struggled was with equipment and accessories that needed to live in our sitting area full time. Like a baby high chair. I looked for ages for something that was stylish, would fit with our existing decor, and wouldn't make me go bankrupt (some high chairs can set you back £400 and over. Oh and that I wouldn't see in every other people's houses... A lot of boxes to tick, I realise. But, good news, I found THE ONE. 

Introducing the OVO high chair by Spanish brand Micuna. It's just a beautiful piece of furniture, that's so stylish and compact, it just blends in with any home decor. It's got that Scandinavia yet contemporary vibe, which I love. It can be used from about six months and up to 3 years or even more if you take the white part of legs off to use it as a toddler desk chair, for example. It comes in white or navy blue and you can choose between five different colours of padded cushions. Price wise, while it's not exactly bargain territory (£260 + the fabric cushion on top), it's definitely not at the higher end of the market either. I like to think of it as an investment piece?! There is a handful of UK retailers who stock it; we bought ours from Mini Object of Desire.

It's just divine, right? That slight issue with budget seems much more manageable suddenly, non? And before you ask, yes, it comes packed in that ridiculously cool cylindrical box that says Being Born is Beautiful. I kept it obvs and use it as storage... We've had it for 18 months now, and I just adore it. It just sits proudly in our dining room and there is not one person who's come round who hasn't asked where I got it from. Here is how it looks in situ in my own pad. 

Now, I am aware that £260 is not necessarily everyone's budget for a baby high chair that has a limited life span of 5 years max so, if you are on the hunt for something stylish yet more budget-friendly, I have selected a handful of lovely designs below. Obviously I haven't tested them but found good reviews online about each of them. 

1. Stokke Tripp Trapp, £159. 

2. BabyBjorn High Chair, available from John Lewis, £149

3. High Chair by Leander, available from Born, £159

4. Oxo Tot Sprout High Chair, available from John Lewis, £175

5. Stokke Steps Chair, £159

6. IKEA Antilop High Chair, £13. 

Happy shopping!