[Star Buys] Top 10 affordable scented candles

If money was no object, my house would probably look like a church at Christmas, except that instead of being filled with white pillar candles, I would have rows and rows of Diptyque Figuier candles lined up in every single room. But back to earth, at £40 a pop for a 200g jar, (that's on average - my other favourite brand Cire Trudon will set you back £62 [insert one big Loudly Crying Face emoji here], 'posh' scented candles are a treat I usually get for my birthday and Christmas... They do last forever but nevertheless, an annual stash of two medium-sized ones certainly isn't enough to cover my posh scented candle addiction for a whole year, even if I religiously use the Diptyque candle tools, aka the candle snuffer and the wick trimmer (both gifted by a VERY GOOD friend!) I also collect the jars like they're made of precious stones - they are just so chic and make fabulous mini vases or makeup brush holders... 

Diptyque's beautiful candle jars make a statement in Stella + the Star's living room

Diptyque's beautiful candle jars make a statement in Stella + the Star's living room

So what do you do the rest of the year, once you've finished your annual quota of fig heaven in a jar? Well, you go for more affordable ones. And how to pick the best of the bunch, you may wonder, well you just ask Stella + the Stars, bien sûr... Here are my top 10 affordable scented candles... 

  1. Dark Amber Aromatic Candle - Zara Home - £16.99
    Just like most things at Zara, this candle is purse-friendly, good quality, and it looks like a more expensive version. 
  2. No 14 coconut + sweet pea soy candle - East Wick - £16
    For Scandi aficionados looking for a minimalist design, these candles are just the ticket. Handmade in East London with all natural soy wax, blended with paraben-free fragrance oils and aromatherapy grade essential oils, they are as natural as you can get. And you can reuse the lovely jars afterwards. 
  3. Indian Pomelo scented candle - Oliver Bonas - £16
    Another good option if you want to steer clear of the mass-produced candles, these are hand made in Sussex, smell divine and come in range of pop colour packaging. 
  4. Rose Signature Candle - The White Company - £20 (now £14 on sale)
    The White Company candles are always a winner. Nicely packaged, reasonably priced and wonderfully fragranced.
  5. Jasmine and olive tin candle - Muji - £3.50
    I love Muji, and their fragrance range is fantastic value for money considering the quality. Those little tinned candles are not exception. 
  6. True Grace in Rosemary & Eucalyptus - John Lewis - £16
    The True Grace range is also brilliantly priced, and this particular one smells lovely and last for ages.
  7. Botanical lavender candle - Daylesford - £21
    From the famous organic farm in Gloucestershire, these candles come in reusable glass containers, have a fantastic long lasting scent and are all hand poured using only natural wax
  8. Price's Open Window Candle Jar - Waitrose - £5
    This is not actually a decorative scented candle but a more practical one I use in the kitchen as it eliminates cooking odours really effectively. It is brilliant value for money and the fragrance of lily, violet and orange flower is just right. 
  9. Spaas Kaarsen Glass Scented Candle, Vanilla - Ocado - £2.50
    I just add one of these on my shopping cart every time I order a food delivery with Ocado as they are dirt cheap, come in decent looking pots (I just remove the label...) and have a delicate vanilla smell that's strong enough but not overpowering. 
  10. Lugga scented candle in Fresh Linen - Ikea - £6
    Ikea's version of the scented candle is... basic. I am not going to lie, the scent is not the strongest but with that price tag, you have to somewhat lower your expectations. However, they last forever and the simplicity of the jar could make up for the discreet fragrance!

    Happy shopping!