[Stella Loves] Swanky cowhide rugs

Oh I do love a rug - it's a really clever accessory that can liven up bare floors and help finish off the look of a room, or make a statement without altering the entire scheme of the space. And if that's not enough, it's a great way to add texture and warmth without spending a fortune. I have been obsessed with Moroccan rugs for a little while - see my recent post on affordable Beni Ourain-style rugs here - and it's common knowledge that I a am partial to patterned rugs. I am currently sitting at my desk with my feet resting on black and white stripes (the Ikea Stockholm, bargain of the century!). 

But there is another timeless type of rug that is on my all time favourites list - it is the cowhide rug. First because cowhides are so versatile, they pretty much go with any decor: scandi, minimalist, lofty, contemporary, or vintage, you name it. Second, they are super easy to maintain and clean (this is the Monica in me talking) and last but not least, they have become so affordable, you don't need to sell a limb to get a decent quality one these days. 

But now, there is a fairly new breed of swanky cowhides. Forget black, brown and white. These puppies are embellished, dyed, digitally printed, and even stamped. Some are real, others are faux... 

One of my favourite brands Mineheart has the most incredible collection of faux luxurious, yet funky, cowhides, which have been designed in collaboration with renowned international artists like Joao Figuieredo, Himitsuhana and Chad Wys. The results are absolutely incredible. Prices start at £518 which is not exactly cheap but, I mean, look at these, they are total works of art... 

Another clever company called Art Hide, based in Australia, has also come up with fabulous designs based on the traditional cowhides, this time real ones. Using a laser etching technique, they create cowhides with a twist, with a range of prints from faux snake skin to ikat motif... Genius. Prices start at £160 for the smaller sizes. I'll let you admire these beauties. 

And finally, let's travel across the pond to Cowhides USA, an American company that specialises in dyed cowhides. They have a shop on Etsy with fantastic reviews and the colours and designs are right up my street.  I literally want one of each. Prices start at £50 for smaller rugs while the designs featured below cost between £150 and £250 depending on the size. 

Have you gone cowhide cuckoo yet? Happy shopping!