Give sheepskin rugs a new lease of life

Yes I am aware it's June and I am about to ramble about fur and sheepskin but since the schizophrenic British weather has decided to throw us a week of gale winds and rain and we're all currently wearing coats and winter shoes, I thought you might let me get away with it.

I attended May Design Series last month and there was one piece of furniture that totally stole the show. It was a big furry armchair by one of my new favourite designers, Amy Somerville [insert gigantic heart-eyes emoji right here]. Entirely upholstered in sheepskin, the Mammoth chair was showcased in the Future British Classics collection - a selection of modern British products tipped by leading UK designers and design journalists to be future design classics. It almost broke Instagram and I personally had to be restrained not to jump on stage to snuggle up in this heavenly cosy piece of furniture... 

The Mammoth Chair by  Amy Somerville

The Mammoth Chair by Amy Somerville

Price lists are only available by contacting the designer's team directly by email or phone so that doesn't really scream affordable and budget friendly, unfortunately. So for now it's on my 'when I win the lottery' wish list. 

In the meantime, there are other clever and affordable ways to add a little furry sheepskin vibe to your decor without breaking the bank, and it's... rugs... used as chair covers. This is not exactly a new trend but seems to be an enduring one, especially with the growing popularity of Scandinavian style interiors. 

It's an affordable and easy way to add cosiness, warmth and texture to a space and sheepskin is so versatile it can be incorporated in pretty much any scheme, no matter what your style is. 

It works really well in a home office for example. Standard office chairs are, let's face it, either plain ugly or pretty but uncomfortable. Here at Stella + the Stars HQ we've covered our plastic chairs with a couple of sheepskin throws - it just makes the space look more cosy and of course it's ridiculously comfortable...

Stella + the Stars home office featuring lots of sheepskin

Stella + the Stars home office featuring lots of sheepskin

I am also slightly obsessed with fur and sheepskin on dining chairs. It's all over pinterest and I love the look and warm feel it gives to a dining room. It either adds texture to a beautiful dining chair like below.... 

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Or it can jazz up cheap and cheerful plastic chairs like on the image below (these are from Ikea - the model is called Tobia Lucite and retails at £65!)

And how utterly fabulous do these Bertoia chairs look once upgraded with the addition of a sheepskin throw (and no waffle legs!)?

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Check out my Pinterest board on sheepskin for more ideas and inspiration... If you like what you see, my go-to places for affordable sheepskin rugs and throws are:

  1. Ikea (they have a super affordable selection of faux and real sheepskin throws, in grey and cream, starting at just £10!), 
  2. Rockett St George (a beautiful selection of genuine sheepskin rugs in a range of dark colours, £55)
  3. e-bay (you can find stunning models at affordable prices)

Happy decorating!