[Star Buys] Funky shower curtains

Let's not beat around the bush, shall we, because, well, it's Monday, which is already depressing by definition, and we are all counting the minutes (hell, even seconds!) until clock-off time, while trying to compute how the hell the weekend disappeared so quickly, once again. So here goes: bathrooms can be BO-RING. It's often the smallest room in the house and generally seen as just a 'practical' room, it usually ends up being treated like a utility room. 

However, there are simple and cheap ways to add a little bit of oomph to an otherwise bland bathroom. One of them is choosing a cool shower curtain. We used to have one of those super sleek bath glass screens in our master bathroom but my mild OCD can't really cope with the hard water and limescale spots constantly covering the glass and DO NOT get me started on the silicon seal at the bottom of the screen getting all mouldy and orangey usually about a week after thoroughly cleaning it (I am aware that I may need rehab for my obsessive condition but that's another story). So I switched to shower curtains, because a. they are so cheap, b. they add a little bit of fun to this otherwise dull part of the house, and c. obviously they can be easily washed to look good as new... (30 degree delicate programme on your washing machine, and Bob's your uncle). Oh and last one sozz, d. if/when you get bored of it, you can buy another one. So here is a little selection of funky shower curtains to give your bathroom a bit of TLC... 

1. Marble effect, H&M Home, £10

Happy Shopping!