Amara Interior Blog Awards 2015: Vote for Stella + the Stars!

Yes, you've read this right... Stella + the Stars has been nominated for an award! Click on the big black button below to vote for me before Friday 18 September and read on to find out how the hell this all happened! 

The past couple of years have been the most life-changing of my entire existence. I managed to not only create a small human being from scratch (her name is Stella - see what I have done there?!) but also keep said human being alive for almost two years which, if you know me, is quite an achievement in itself. Then, when Stella turned one at the end of last year, I took the most difficult and earth-shattering decision to leave my comfy PR job (after 8 years working for a big comfy media group) to focus on a brand new shiny career in interiors... I went back to school (thank you KLC School of Design!) and a few months later, my second baby - Stella + the Stars - was born.

'You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling' aka one of Stella + the Stars' favourite mottos

'You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling' aka one of Stella + the Stars' favourite mottos

Stella + the Stars is two-fold: there is Le Blog, where I ramble about all things interiors and try to give you, lovely readers, easy and budget-friendly tips and tricks to inject a little bit of fabulousness into your home while keeping that affordable box ticked; and now there is also a new e-styling service with affordable packages to help you solve (remotely!) your design dilemmas, without breaking the bank.  

This new adventure has had its highs and lows to say the least and just before the summer, I started having doubts thinking about my old life (you know when I actually had a pay check coming in EVERY MONTH). And then, something totally incredible happened. Well, two incredible things happened. First, a bunch of lovely people heard about my new venture via word of mouth and social media (thank you Instagram addiction) and just like that I got my first clients (yes, this means I now get paid to actually shop for furniture and home accessories!). And, just when I thought life couldn't get any better, my little blog got nominated in the Amara Interior Blog Awards. I could play it cool and tell you how happy and blazee I felt when I found out but the reality is, I almost lost consciousness when I read the email from the Amara IBAs team... 

So why am I telling you all this, you may wonder? Well, being nominated is literally the most amazing thing that could have happened to little old me this year. But there is more. I need your votes to make it to the shortlist. There are over 40 uber cool and talented bloggers nominated but only the top 5 with the highest amount of votes will get shortlisted and invited to the awards ceremony (which happens to take place at one of my favourite hotels in London, the Ham Yard Hotel, designed by the genius that is Kit Kemp, no less!)

And what's in it for you? Well all voters will automatically get a chance to win a luxurious trip for two to the Amalfi Coast (including return flights and transfers as well as a Missoni Home beach bag). Need I say more?!

Merci, merci for voting and also a massive thank you for reading, as without you, there would be no blog, let alone an award to be competing in.