[Eye Candy] A sneak peek at Tom Dixon's new Brew collection

The Transport for London gods were against me last week as I tried to travel across town in the middle of the biggest underground strike in history to attend the press preview of Tom Dixon's brand new accessories range. But, a hop, skip and a jump (aka one slow boat ride along the Thames, a painfully long bus ride and a 30-minute walk) later, I made it there in one piece. That's how much I love Tom Dixon. I would cross an ocean for him. Well a stretch of a river, at least. 

But the gruelling journey was worth every minute, trust me, as I found myself landing in copper heaven - if you regularly read this blog, you'll know by now I have a sweet tooth for copper... And I am not just talking about his stunning copper pendant lights... I fell head over heels with the new 'Brew' collection. Yes, the design genius has just launched a brand new coffee making (and brewing) set, all in my favourite metal. Copper cafetiere, check. Copper expresso cups, check. Copper milk pan, check. Well, you get the vibe... There is basically a copper-finished piece to perfect every stage of the coffee ritual, courtesy of Tom Dixon. This is not the first time Tom is making us swoon while making hot drinks, mind. I almost passed out with delight when he revealed his brass tea set last year, but this autumn's range is on another level of fabulousness... 

As with everything that comes out of Tom Dixon's studio, each piece is beautifully designed: the stainless steel structure of each item is then covered with a high-gloss finish, achieved by applying a film of vaporized copper. This is how this flawless shine is achieved and makes the collection so chic. 

If you're often day dreaming about owning one of Tom Dixon's designs (this little drop of brass heaven has been on my wishlist for a while...), but can't emotionally deal with the price tags, the accessories range is a great way to own a little bit of his fabulous signature style without breaking the bank. Prices range from as little as £35 for the coffee scoop to £140 (the most expensive item of the collection) for the cafetiere. 

Brew copper cafetiere, £140. 

Brew copper cafetiere, £140. 

Brew  Coffee Caddy: £75,   Brew Coffee Scoop: £35.

Brew Coffee Caddy: £75, Brew Coffee Scoop: £35.

The new Brew range will be available from September. 

Oh and if you're not a cafetiere type of person and prefer your coffee made in an actual machine, I have already put in my request with Tom Dixon's people to look into a potential collaboration with Nespresso. A customised Tom Dixon Nespresso machine, lacquered in high-gloss copper. That would look NICE in my kitchen... I'll keep you posted as soon as I get their feedback obviously... Tom, if you read this...