Finding the perfect velvet sofa

I was browsing the new furniture range have just launched in collaboration with Living Etc - isn't it a match made in heaven? A bit like finding out two of your most favourite friends just got engaged or even better, married! - anyways, I digress...  The piece that stands out from the collection for me is the Scott sofa. If you haven't seen it yet, I invite you to drool over the image below. It's like a little drop of olive green mid-century style heaven... It could be yours for a reasonable £999 (yes, that's totally bargain territory in the velvet world!).

The new Scott sofa designed by in collaboration with Living Etc.

The new Scott sofa designed by in collaboration with Living Etc.

I don't normally get drawn to green when looking at furniture but I have noticed that I started to warm up to the colour recently. After all, green is the colour of nature so is good for the soul and having even just accents of green (could be just plants!) in your home decor really adds that dose of tranquility and freshness... I am digressing again... 

Back to velvet sofas... They have made a big come back this season and I, for one, am delighted as velvet is one of my favourite fabrics. It's plush, chic, dramatic, ridiculously comfortable and soft, plus it feels luxurious - it really ticks all the boxes in my book.

I have a gorgeous (even if I say so myself!) teal coloured one in my own living room - more on this subject here. It was a bargain from Furniture Village (I know, right?!) I scored a couple of years ago - annoyingly they've stopped stocking it. The model was called Isabella if you're interested. (You can still find it on google or look at it in situ in my living room by following this link). I often get asked where it's from so I thought I'd make a little shopping list of my favourite velvet sofas available on the British High Street. I have mixed styles here, so whether you like a good old chesterfield or something more contemporary, you should find your velvet dream below... As always, this list ticks the affordable box...

1. Bluebell in turquoise velvet, from, £1600 

2. Crumpet in armour crush velvet, from, £1595

3. Connor in navy velvet, from, £799

4. Chesterfield in night blue velvet effect fabric, from Debenhams, £800 (down from £2000 on the sale!)

5. Balfour in steel velvet, from Within Home, £895

6. Jane in blue velvet, from Modern, £748

7. Snug City in graphite velvet, from, £1,150

Are you tempted yet? Ready to add some velvet love to your living room? If so happy shopping!